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Omniworx, Inc. is a private corporation established in March 1996 primarily envisioned catering the custodial service requirements of some of the biggest companies in Metro Manila.

Consistently acquired extensive experiences tailored from the company’s line of services, the Incorporators have managed to spur Omniworx to the competitive edge as this exudes through its fulfilled respective departments and achievement of the company’s vision.

Omniworx, Inc. was conceived in the early 1995 when a group of investors who had almost two (2) decades of experience primarily engaged in janitorial, manpower and management services. Omniworx was officially established in March 11, 1996 and has its office address at # 150-158 2nd Floor, LMB Bldg., San Antonio Avenue, Valley I, Sucat, Parañaque City.

Since then, Omniworx, Inc. was proud to be recognized and considered as one of the respected company in the services industry today.

Expansion and Growth

Omniworx, Inc. a God-fearing and service oriented company has signified its initial contract being fulfilled by just a single janitor and happens to be the turning point in its primary engagement in the janitorial service.


The first functional office situated infront of Parañaque City Hall with the initial venture in the janitorial service of one janitor assigned to the client.

The wide reach of the services stretch out to the southern part of the metro rendering manpower service to an array of businesses like manufacturing, electronics and autoparts industries.

One of the significant event occurred in this point of growth of Omniworx was its aggressive marketing embarkment on strengthening its name in the service industry by acquiring the ISO Standardization program being the most advance emerging trend and labeled as competitive edge during this period.

This was the time when Omniworx was awarded the certification to ISO 9001:2000 QMS Requirements for the scope Provision of Manpower, Janitorial and Property Management Services.

The far flung of diversed marketing strategies took the challenge in the avenue of formal bidding signifying Omniworx readiness line of service with the government entities such as in the power or energy sector. The achievement in this venture is considered to be the most remarkable in the history of Omniworx when it garnered 14 straight contracts in one bidding occasion.

Be the top provider of human resource requirements, management and general services who is managed by a viable company due to its commitment to quality, a guarantee of integrity and dedication to service.

We will deliver exceptional shareholder value through:

    Successfully developing our employees and providing job satisfaction

    Delivering value to our customers and end users through our high value alternative management services

    Developing mutually beneficial business relationships with our business partners

    Adhering to the Omniworx, Inc. Corporate Strategic Intent

OMNIWORX, INCORPORATED withstands for the needs and requirements of its customers aimed at achieving their satisfaction to our quality service in manpower, janitorial and property management services.

The dynamic team of professionals and staff in the organization empowered to become one of the major players in the service industry through:

      O - outstanding performance with dedication to quality service

      M - maximize resources and expertise in the service industry

      N - nurture and build the Quality Management System in all level of the organization

      I - implement quality system for continual improvement played by the people in the organization and its valued suppliers


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